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Sunshine Logistics

         ​​Company Profile / Policy

Sunshine Logistics Inc. is a dedicated team of experienced freight forwarding and logistics professionals who believe “the key to success” is to always work with our customers to make their freight, transport and logistics as seamless as possible for them. As logistic partners, we believe that we need to work closely together as a team in order to create a “win/win” situation.
We are in the service industry and our aim is to provide our customers with a cost effective and efficient service. We understand that our customers have commitments to their clients. We realize that it is very important that we fulfill our commitment to our customers and enable them to fulfill theirs. 
We arrange international transportation for all types of importers and exporters to and from practically anywhere worldwide. This enables us to provide sea and air services anywhere in the world with similar sized, privately owned companies who are dedicated to ensuring that our standard of service is met. 
Sunshine Logistic Inc. live by the motto “We make it happen”. This is not mere hype but is our commitment to our clients to provide them with the standard of service that they expect and require from our industry. 
A very strong emphasis is placed on communication, both locally and with our clients suppliers. It is vital that all parties concerned are able to communicate well together at all levels. It is our responsibility to ensure that this happens and that all concerned are aware of all transactions and happenings. 
We believe that our clients are very well serviced and very happy with just how far we will go for them.